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Monday's Grace

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Jim Hays

Monday's Grace - Ordinary Time

I try to update the blog on Monday's, but today is Thursday so I guess this is a Thursday edition of the Monday blog.  

The church is now undecorated or as the worship committee says, "it has been 'unhanged' of the greens".  Christmas is over, Epiphany has come and gone and the Baptism of the Lord was celebrated last Sunday.  Now, we head into ordinary time.  (want to know more about ordinary time - check out the season blog, that's the second blog site on the website- to learn more about ordinary time.)  I wish we didn't call it ordinary time it makes it seem so mundane and dull and uninteresting.  The actual definitions use these words:  of no special quality or interest; plain or undistinguished; somewhat inferior.  

Boy - that's how we get people to come to church after the Christmas season and Easter season - let's go to church where there is nothing special or interesting happening and everything returns to it's plain and inferior ways.  

We all know church attendace drops during this time after Christmas and Easter and maybe it's because of this name "ordinary time".  

Let me be the first to remind you - there is nothing ordinary about Jesus or God or the grace God gives us throughout the year - even in "ordinary time".  

Ordinary time is the time the church and the leaders of the church dig deeper into the actual life and ministry and teaching of Jesus, while he was walking on this earth.  Is that ordinary.  No, I think it was exceptional, remarkable, phenomenal, and extraordinary.  Maybe we need to change the liturgical calendar to represent this and instead of ordinary time we call it "the most exceptional, extraordinary, remarkable time" and use different colors each week - Red, Gold, Orange, Purple, Green, Sarcoline, Coquelicot, Glacuous, and Amaranth.  (yeah - you'll have to look those up.)

Who knows - come to church this Sunday and see what colors are shown as we begin ordinary time.  

May this be your grace today -to know ordinary time is actually extraordinary because of Jesus Christ to quench.