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Sermon Archives

October 9 “Faith and Thankfulness”
October 2 “Give Them Something to Eat”
Septermber 18 “Grace, It’s Amazing”
September 4 “In the Potter’s Hands”
September 11 “Bread of the World”
August 21 “Keeping the Sabbath Holy? Why Only on Sunday?”
August 28 “An Open Table Reservation”
August 14 “Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast: Better Than Today’s”
August 7 “What We Need Now is Rightful Worship”
July 31 “How to Spend Your Inheritance and Still Be Happy”
July 17 “A Syncretistic Church Remains Divided-The Truth of Jesus Christ”
July 24 “Debts and Debtors”
July 10 “Just Who Is the Good Samaritan?”
July 3 "Two Mules for Brother Naaman"
June 26 “Where’s a Good Map When You Need One?”
June 19 "The Sound of Silence"
June 5 "Raising Up New Life"
May 29 "Follow God or Not"
May 22 "Finding Completeness"
May 15 "Eldad and Medad and What the Spirit Can Do"